Frequently Asked Questions

"What are the duties of your security personnel?"

The role of security personnel at Bluestar Security Inc is to protect people, property and information.

This may involve but is not limited to:

  • Ensuring premises and property are protected in an appropriate and effective fashion against a variety of natural and man-made threats.
  • Preventing, detecting and reacting appropriately to the commission of criminal and quasi-criminal actions on or against the property of the client.
  • Interacting with law enforcement officials and the justice system, where necessary, such as apprehending and detaining someone who has committed a criminal offence.
  • Providing leadership and direction in emergencies and assisting emergency personnel in times of crisis, e.g. directing fire fighters to the easiest/best way to get to the scene of the fire.
  • Controlling access to a site, including monitoring entrance & gate passage, escorting people & valuables.
  • Controlling or restoring order to a crowd.
  • Preventing work accidents by being aware of potential dangers, reporting safety hazards and following directions to minimize the risk posed to others.

"What is your hiring and training program for your security personnel?

    All Bluestar Security Inc employees, security professionals and office staff, are trained on the following:

    • CPR and Advanced First Aid
    • Prevention and De-escalation Strategies
    • Emergency Management
    • Communication and liaison with law enforcement

    "How are your security guards or patrol held accountable to being present or visible at an event or when patrolling a property?"

    At Bluestar Security Inc, our security guards and security patrol use a real-time GPS tracking system that provides a visual of our operations and increases efficiency, accountability, and officer safety.

    "I often see security patrols driving around shopping malls, but I rarely see them walking the parking lots. Do your employees get out of the cars and patrol on foot?"

    Bluestar Security Inc uses vehicle and foot patrol for areas around the perimeter of the event or building being patrolled. Vehicle type of patrol normally covers areas that are too great to be covered on foot. Vehicle patrols will often include parking lots, storage yards, perimeter fence lines, outer perimeters and areas that are impractical to patrol on foot. The benefits to vehicle patrol allow our security personnel to be highly visible, to cover extensive areas in a shorter period of time and to respond quickly.

    However, our personnel recognize the limitations to patrolling by vehicle and therefore are committed to getting out of the vehicles and patrolling by foot so that all of the senses of the security guard (sight, hearing, smell, and touch) may be used to monitor the property and safety of people and information.

    "How is Bluestar Security Inc different from other security guard and security patrol companies in the Puget Sound?"

    Bluestar Security depends on its highly trained, professional guards. Therefore, we provide our staff with incentives:

    • Team building and a voice in the company's operations
    • Continuing education
    • Advancement opportunities
    • Health insurance
    • Flexible schedules